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abilities n.能力( ability的名词复数 ); 力量; 智慧; 天资; 例句: 1. And they can feel better about their abilities. 并且他们更能感受他们的能力。 2. Spiritual gifts and natural abilities are always confirmed by others. 属灵恩赐与...

楼主这个词拼错了:chacter 。应该是 characters 给你看个例句:Twitter is a social-networking blog site that allows users to send status updates, or \\\"tweets,\\\" from cell phones, instant messaging services and Facebook in less...

《拿破仑:全面战争》V1.0 +8修改器 说明:先开修改器,进入游戏后按INSTANT SPECIAL ABILITIES NUMPAD3 - 一回合建筑 NUMPAD4 - 一回合征兵

Instant Special Abilities 即时的特殊能力 望采纳,谢谢


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