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in sEnior high sChool是否要加thE


Good morning, everyone! It is my honour to be here to share with my opinions on what to learn in senior high school.In the coming three years, our school life will be challenging. First, we should learn to learn efficiently. P...

senior school:(英国的11岁以上儿童的)大龄儿童学校,中国书面也用在高中 high school:美国泛指中学


D 考察定语从句。关系代词As指代后面一句话的内容在句中作主语。句意:正如上面所提到的那样,高中学生的数量一直在增加。

这个句子逻辑不完整,后面还应该有个主句。其次应该在senior 前加一冠词a或者the。

高中的英文翻译:senior high school,High School,senior middle school都对,都是这个意思。 扩展资料: 短语: Arlington Senior High School 阿灵顿高中 ...


My Senior High School LifeHow time flies! It’s two months since I entered high school, but I can still remember the first day clearly. The quiet campus, traditional buildings and beautiful garden all left a deep impression on ...

My new life I drink fresh milk every morning, after breakfast, I can watch my favorite cartoons, at noon, I eat my favorite steak, in the afternoon, I and my little partner can enjoy the play, this is my new life


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