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cock英[kɒk] 美[kɑk] n.公鸡;成熟雄鸟;首领,领导;龙头 vt.使某物竖起;使某物倾斜;使朝上;扳上扳机 vi.翘起,竖起;大摇大摆 [例句]Cock rings are inexpensive and usually nice to look at , and make an interesting male sex toy to add...


《Your Firefly (Georgia Power and Toyota advert)》 歌手:Ben Cocks 所属专辑:As Heard In 发行时间:2010-11-16 歌词: When the sun comes,you're my shade 艳阳高照时 你就是我的树荫 When the moon comes,you're a little firefly 月亮...

c语言程序填空 百鸡问题#include void main(){int cocks=0,hens,chicks;while(cocks

Oh,you can hear me cry 哦,你能听到我哭泣 See my dreams all die 看到我梦的消失 From where you're standing On your own. 从有你的地方,到你。 It's so quiet here 这里很安静 And I feel so cold 我觉得很冷 This house no longer。Feels ...


采用socks协议的代理服务器就是SOCKS服务器,是一种通用的代理服务器。 Socks… 代理:浏览器用HTTP或SOCKS代理、下载软件用HTTP或SOCKS代理、上传软件用FTP或SOCKS代理、

采用socks协议的代理服务器就是SOCKS服务器,是一种通用的代理服务器。 Socks… 代理:浏览器用HTTP或SOCKS代理、下载软件用HTTP或SOCKS代理、上传软件用FTP或SOCKS代理、

drain cocks 排水阀 双语对照 例句: 1. In order to check proper engagement, manually turn the flange of the drain cocks counterclockwise and clockwise. 为了检查是否正确卡入位,用手逆时针及顺时针转动排放塞的法兰。

Acocks Green Focus Group We’re a campaign group striving to make Acocks Green a better place to live, work and shop. Our particular concern is the fixed features of Acocks ...


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